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Willow Landscape & Lawncare is a destination of reliable landscape contractors helping fulfill your outdoor beautification needs. From lawn care and best landscape services in Lafayette CO, to shrub care and gardening, we ensure your outdoor environment thrives throughout the seasons. In a region known for its stunning natural beauty, our Lafayette landscaping services are pivotal in increasing the creativity and functionality of your outdoor space. Lafayette’s unique climate and terrain pose specific challenges, such as unpredictable weather, soil quality, and the need for sustainable water management. 

Our team of experienced professionals rectifies such challenges by providing effective and tailored solutions. We are committed to creating outdoor spaces that bring joy, tranquility, and value to your property while alleviating the challenges of maintaining them. Trust Willow Landscape & Lawncare to make your outdoor dreams a reality.


Our Mission

As the reliable provider of the top landscape services in Lafayette CO, we aim to transform outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes that inspire your lives.


Our Vision

We aim to inspire awe and admiration in every outdoor space we touch by providing you with our professional landscape services, leaving a lasting legacy of beauty.

Lafayette Best Landscape Services

Willow Landscape & Lawncare stands out as the top choice for reliable landscape services in Lafayette CO. We stay committed to excellence while working out on your outdoor space, which sets us apart. Our staff comprises knowledgeable experts with years of landscaping expertise, guaranteeing that your project will be handled accurately and creatively. We recognize that every property is different from the others. For this reason, we tailor all of our services—including garden design, hardscaping, and grass care—to your specific requirements. Choose us for matchless landscaping services that will change the whole landscape of your space.

Our Landscaping Practices for Outdoor Beautification

We use effective practices for beautifying your outdoor spaces in the long run.

  • One fundamental aspect of landscaping involves carefully selecting and arranging plants and trees to create visually pleasing garden designs.
  • We carefully consider the layout, plant selection, and hardscape elements in garden planning to create harmonious and visually appealing designs.
  • We utilize irrigation systems to maintain these landscapes, ensuring plants receive adequate water while conserving resources.
  • Tree trimming and pruning help us maintain plant health and safety by removing dead branches or those hanging over powerlines or walkways.

Our techniques comply with local regulations and legal requirements to avoid hassles.

From Vision to Reality: How We Craft Your Dream Landscape

We follow a meticulous step-by-step landscaping process to ensure the best outcomes.

  • First, a consultation with the client occurs, where we discuss landscaping ideas and goals to ensure a clear vision.
  • Next, we conduct a detailed site analysis to assess soil quality, sunlight, and drainage. With this information, our professionals create customized designs, encompassing elements like plant selection, hardscaping, and layout.
  • Once the design is approved, the installation phase begins, involving excavation, planting, and construction of features such as patios or pathways.

After installation, we provide ongoing lawn care and pruning maintenance to ensure your landscape thrives.

Our Services

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Let us create stunning outdoor spaces with our landscape services in Lafayette CO, using a blend of various elements to transform your property into a breathtaking oasis.

Lawn Care

Trust our reliable lawn care services in Lafayette Colorado, to keep your grass healthy. We offer regular mowing and pest control to ensure your lawn looks its best year-round.

Lawn Maintenance

Our comprehensive lawn maintenance services cover everything from trimming and edging to aeration and seasonal cleanups. We'll keep your lawn in top shape.


Let us cultivate the perfect garden for you. Our gardening experts will design, plant, and maintain vibrant flower beds, vegetable gardens, or attractive landscapes of your desires.

Shrub Care

Healthy shrubs are the backbone of a beautiful landscape. We provide pruning, fertilization, and disease prevention to ensure your shrubs thrive and enhance your property's appeal.
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Selecting the right plants for your landscape depends on climate, soil type, sun exposure, and personal preferences. You can pick plants that flourish in your particular environment with the assistance of our skilled landscaper.

Xeriscaping conserves water using drought-resistant plants, efficient irrigation methods, and soil improvements. It reduces maintenance costs and creates a sustainable landscape.

Some popular trends include edible gardens, outdoor living spaces, sustainable landscaping, and low-maintenance designs. Incorporating these trends can add value and functionality to your outdoor space.

You can maintain privacy in your landscape by planting privacy screens with tall trees or shrubs, using fences or walls, and installing pergolas with climbing plants in your outdoor living spaces.

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Our professionals have years of hands-on experience in the landscaping and lawn care industry, ensuring that we understand the unique needs of your outdoor space.

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Our knowledge of the area's climate, soil, and plant species is extensive. Count on our professionals to guide you in making informed decisions about your landscape.

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