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LM Landscaping is one of the leading businesses seeking the best landscaping services in Belfair WA. We started with a simple goal – to make outdoor spaces look beautiful with hard work and skill. Over the years, we have become a name people trust, offering landscaping and excellent pressure washing and irrigation services. Our team enjoys their work and brings imagination, talent, and careful attention to each task. We aim to build strong, lasting bonds with our clients founded on trust and respect. 

With a solid focus on client satisfaction, we address common challenges such as time-consuming yard maintenance, water management, and keeping outdoor areas spotless. Trust us to take care of your landscaping needs so you can enjoy a beautiful, hassle-free outdoor living space.


Our Mission

To provide the best landscaping services in Belfair WA beyond your anticipations. We want to create beautiful outdoor areas that look good, are durable, and bring you joy.


Our Vision

We want to be known as the top choice for landscaping in Belfair Washington, famous for our quality, care for the environment, and making our customers happy.

Changing Places and Making Them Better Through Top Landscaping

As the leading company offering landscaping services in Belfair WA, we consider every garden and outdoor area a chance to make something beautiful and valuable. Whether a small patch of green or a big backyard, our team treats each job with excitement and professionalism. From the first talk to the final details, we leave no aspect untouched to fulfill your aspirations. Our landscaping service is made to fit your style and needs, ensuring every project is special and just for you.

Our Way of Delivering Belfair Landscaping Services

We transform numerous outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes through a series of steps:

  • Discussion: We start with a detailed conversation about your vision and requirements.
  • Design: Next, we draft a custom design that reflects your desires and the property’s needs.
  • Approval: We review the design with you, making adjustments until it’s perfect.
  • Execution: Our qualified professionals bring the design to life, executing every facet flawlessly.
  • Final Walkthrough: We conclude with a thorough walkthrough to ensure complete satisfaction.

Through this systematic process, we guarantee to create a landscape according to your taste.

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From planting beautiful flowers to setting up a new lawn or building a cozy corner to relax, our landscaping services in Belfair WA, guarantee the garden you have always desired.

Pressure Washers

We clean your outdoor surfaces like patios, driveways, and walkways, removing dirt and stains. Our way of cleaning is fast and good, making everything look shiny and brand new.


Keep your garden green and healthy with our irrigation services. We set up and care for water systems for your plants, ensuring they get the right amount of water.
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Choose plants that don’t need extra water, flowers that grow back every year, and local plants that do well in your area without requiring extensive care. We can help you maintain your landscape effortlessly.

Evaluating and possibly updating your landscaping every 5 to 7 years is best. Trends change, plants grow, and your tastes might evolve, too, but our seasoned landscapers handle everything efficiently.

Regardless of the project’s scope and complexity, we aim to finish it quickly. You can schedule our services, and we’ll share the most accurate timeline that suits you well.

Our strategic landscaping can create natural privacy screens and secluded areas in your garden. Tall hedges and dense shrubs are beautiful and block the outside view, offering a private retreat.

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Soil Health Management

We focus on managing soil health since it's responsible for a thriving garden. We ensure a strong foundation through soil testing, amendment, and aeration, leading to a healthier landscape.

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Devotion to Your Happiness

Beyond just completing the task, we focus on your happiness. We listen carefully to your ideas and needs and work tirelessly to guarantee the final but favorable results per your tastes.

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